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Sponsor a Truckload


You can help Island Harvest Food Bank by sponsoring a truckload of food!

As Long Island’s largest hunger relief organization, Island Harvest is providing the food that is needed by more than 300,000 of our neighbors. We collect a wide variety of healthy food and then distribute it through our network of over 400 member agencies. This means that every truckload of food that comes in brings direct help to people in Nassau and Suffolk Counties – adults, children, seniors, veterans and family members of active military personnel.

Last year alone, Island Harvest collected and distributed 9 million pounds of food. That was the equivalent of almost 7 million meals for hungry men, women and children in our communities. We collect the food from hundreds of local donors. But sometimes, the food that we need must come from outside our region. When you sponsor a truckload of food, your contribution helps us to get that food. Your sponsorship makes it possible for Island Harvest to bring approximately 40,000 pounds of nutritious food to our region … and to those who struggle to put food on the table here on Long Island.

At Island Harvest, we know how powerful millions of meals each year can be. We also know that with every single meal that we provide, we are changing at least one life.

Levels of Giving

  • Contribution of $5,000  provides a truckload of produce
  • Contribution of $7,500  provides a truckload of meat
  • Contribution of $10,000  provides a truckload of food

For more information about how you can sponsor a truckload of food and help to change lives,
please contact us at:

(631) 873-4775
or email us at