Donate Food

Large Donations

Thank you for you interest in making a donation to Island Harvest.

Island Harvest has strict food safety guidelines for the food that we accept. We gratefully accept perishable and prepared foods maintained in safe temperature zones and chilled or frozen before being donated. Donated food must be prepared by a regulated or licensed food business, such as a restaurant, caterer, wholesaler or bakery. Donated food must exclude foods previously served to the public.

Packaging: Island Harvest supplies clear, food grade bags for food donation use. If you are able to provide your own disposable packaging for donations that require more than plastic bags, you help Island Harvest use its resources most effectively. However, we don’t want packaging to get in the way of your good intentions. Call us at 631-873-4775.

** Chilled perishable food should be below 40°F except during necessary times of preparation or while being held for service which may not exceed two hours.
*** We do not accept any products that contain alcohol.




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