Elliot Sylvan, Long Time Island Harvest Volunteer

elliot sylvanDear Friends,

I am very sorry to announce the recent passing of Elliot Sylvan, a very longtime and special volunteer.  As you will see from the obituary linked below – Elliot was a key person in the growth of our organization. I can honestly tell you that he, singlehandedly, made sure that during my transition as the new president of this organization we were able to keep our trucks moving and the food picked up and delivered in the most efficient way possible, at that time.  He offered “to be my right hand man”  and help me with logistics and routing (and quite frankly , anything we needed).   He was retired at that time – but came in every day of the week for the longest time – to ensure that people in need were properly supported.  And so much more…


I will be forever grateful to Elliot and to Lenore – for lending me this special man and such an important time!

(I will let you know when the LI service will be, as indicated in the obit)



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