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In 2010, nearly 287,000 LONG ISLANDERS relied on soup kitchens and food pantries as their main source of food. Of those 287,000, 110,000 were children, which is enough to fill up Yankee stadium… TWICE!

The Student Leadership Council was formed to educate others and SPREAD AWARENESS of the widespread hunger in schools throughout Long Island. Its ultimate goal is to have one event every year in every school on Long Island.

The members of the Council are the FUTURE of Long Island, and it is our responsibility to help our communities deal with hunger, as it is our neighbors, our friends, relatives, etc, who are struggling with these tough economic times.

Island Harvest is the largest hunger relief organization on Long Island. By relying on volunteers, in-kind services, and donated food, Island Harvest is able to devote  97 cents of every dollar contributed directly to fighting hunger. Read about our Programs.

Help by one can lead to meals for many. Spreading awareness helps Island Harvest can continue its success.

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lnclude Island Harvest in your next Celebration/Party!

et the Facts with  Hunger Definitions and the Hunger Report.

elp encourage friends to participate in annual Island Harvest events.

ake the the Student Feeding Student Challenge. Bring the challenge to your school.

This past year, more than 153 schools across Long Island helped provide approximately 160,000 meals through various food collections and fundraisers.

Patchogue Medford recently ran a very successful food drive – obtain details from Doreen…

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