2009 Cakes for Kids Campaign

A family is barely making ends meet and is visiting their local food pantry each week.It is their daughter’s birthday but they cannot afford a cake.Now Imagine that the child care center that she attends has been given a birthday cake for each child!Every month, the center receives as many cakes as they need to give each child a special birthday.

Love and Quiches Desserts has made this possible.They supply cakes – as many as are needed – to children at our member agencies each month.They recognized that the children of families in need were probably not getting a birthday cake.Love and Quiches Desserts had the solution to change this situation – and they have!

Island Harvest launched Cakes for Kids in August with five agencies who serve children.We havea Volunteer Leader and designated volunteers who pick up the cakes at Love and QuichesDesserts and deliver them to the agencies each month.

The response has been overwhelming.As we begin to expand the program, we look forward to adding more agencies to the program.A number of them have heard about Cakes for Kids and have already asked to be included.

One agency, AMC Childcare, had a party for three and four year old children with July birthdays.Excitement filled the room, the other children shouted out, “WOW! Today is our birthday too!”

Love and Quiches commitment and generosity, and their partnership with Island Harvest, make this program possible.And this program makes possible the smiles we see on these children’s faces.



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