Tips in the Kitchen

It’s never too early to think about kitchen safety, preparation of healthy and kid-friendly meals and snacks, and safe food handling for children. Island Harvest would like to share with you some quick tips and techniques to keep you and your children safe in the kitchen and help make cooking for one another an enjoyable learning experience.

Some basic kitchen tips:
• Make sure you wash your hands before working with food.
• If your hair is long, make sure to pull it back or tie it up.
• Make sure you are covered up with an apron and that your sleeves are rolled up,
  if necessary, to prevent accidents.
• Get all the food and utensils together before you start cooking.
• Rinse fruits and vegetables before using them.
• Use a cutting board for cutting and chopping.
• Preheat-before baking anything.
• Set the timer or watch the clock so things do not overcook
• Leave the kitchen clean. When you are done, clean up the mess, wash your dishes,
  turn off the stove, and unplug electric appliances.

Kitchen Safety:
• Be sure hands are dry when you plug in or disconnect anything electric.
• Use a pot holder when taking pans out of the oven or pots off the stove.
• Set hot pots and pans on a cooling rack or hot pad.
• Always keep saucepan handles from pointing over the edge of the stove.
• Open lids off steaming pots away from you.
• When using a knife –
  Always ask permission before using a sharp knife.
  Always cut away from you.
  Pay Attention! Never look away or chat while you are using a knife.
  Always use a cutting board, never cut something in your hand.
  Sometimes it’s better for your adult helper to cut all you ingredients before you start.

Food Handling:
• Avoid sneezing or coughing over the food. Cough away from the food and wash your
  hands afterwards.
• It is not safe to lick your fingers when certain raw foods, such as raw eggs, chicken or beef
  are being used. Wash your hands and keep a damp cloth handy to wipe off sticky fingers.
• If you want to taste during cooking, be sure to use one utensil to taste and another to stir
  or mix the food.
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