Sponsor a Truckload of Food

Island Harvest picks up perfectly good donated food and delivers that food to those who are at risk of hunger here in our own communities. Through our contacts at Feeding America and other resources, we also have access to good, healthy food from other areas outside Long Island --- if we can send a truck to get it. The food rescue model and culture at Island Harvest is to avoid paying for food. Nearly 100% of our food is donated, we just cover the transportation costs.

Please help Island Harvest by sponsoring a truck load of fresh produce to people in need on Long Island. Besides filling peoples' shopping carts with fruits and vegetables that are otherwise difficult for them to access affordably, Island Harvest also provides inspiration and information by giving out samples of prepared dishes as well as recipes and tips for using the produce.

By increasing access to fresh produce and providing nutrition education, Island Harvest, which is part of Feeding America, is helping combat two problems simultaneously: hunger and obesity. The fact is people with low incomes are those most at risk of obesity and the diseases that go along with it like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It makes sense when you think about it since the cheapest, easy-access food tends to be high in calories and low in nutrition.

Island Harvest is on the cutting edge of a new awareness by hunger organizations that the solution is not simply getting food to the hungry, it is getting them consistent access to the right kinds of food and the education they need to make changes for their own health and the health of their communities. Since fresh produce is a cornerstone of healthy eating, it is critical that fresh fruits and vegetables and nutrition education are made a part of programs to feed the hungry.

Your sponsorship of an incoming load of food will enable us to limit our spending costs and thus direct our funding toward strengthening our education, outreach, member services, volunteer training, food rescue work and more. Please contact Stacey Careri (516) 294-8528 x115 or Stacey@islandharvest.org for more information.

You can help our neighbors here on Long Island by sponsoring a truck that will bring in food from out of the region. You can make it possible for Island Harvest to bring approximately 40,000 pounds of protein rich canned food or fresh produce to Long Island! You can make that possible. You can be that sponsor. You can make a difference!













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